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B i o g r a p h y

Marta Richardson loves the freedom to play spontaneously.  She is a firm believer that every musician has a sound to be released.  That “sound” can be used for many purposes, but for Marta, she hopes her music can help heal mind, soul and body.

Critics describe Richardson’s music as ethereal, haunting, enrapturing, and evocative.  Our State Magazine characterizes her sound as sophisticated and elegant.

Marta pursues relationships with other “like-souled” artists – painters, poets, storytellers, filmographers, and of course, fellow musicians.  Presently she enjoys working with artists such spoken word poet, Josephus iii, painter, Mariyah Sultan and various singer-songwriters.

Though classically trained, her love for improvisation has been honed over many years while playing worship in the Church.  Worship and intercession continue to be her first loves.  Marta frequently plays for area churches, conferences and special worship concerts.

Ms. Richardson also perceives the arts to be a vehicle for healing cultural divides.  She purposefully moves to help break down racial barriers through her music.  In addition, she founded Classical Music Across Cutures (CMAC Project). CMAC advocates for children of color to be able to pursue classical music.  A product of public school orchestra programs herself, Richardson believes that a quality in-depth educational musical experience should be available to all children.

Marta is a native of Greensboro, NC.  She graduated from University of North Carolina at Greensboro School of Music, with a degree in music education. She was a member of the Greensboro Symphony for nearly 20 years and later became a founding member of the nationally acclaimed world music band, Songs of Water.  She presently teaches violin at Bluford Peeler STEAM Academy with Guilford County Schools.

She continues to reside in her hometown with her husband, Duane, and is the mother of three grown children.

Richardson plays a 5 string Jordan electric violin with a StringAmp pickup.  Like  her CD Mystic Canticle, her Jordan violin was also funded by the North Carolina Regional Artist Grant.  Marta is extremely grateful for all the people and organizations who have supported her over the years.

                                                             photo by Don Talley

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