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Marta Richardson


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S  O F 
R I C H A R D S O N ' S  C D: 
M Y S T I C   C A N T I C L E  

"An album of substance and somber beauty . . . sweet and fierce, dark and bright, restful and adventurous. "

 - Alli Marshall, Mountain Express, Asheville NC


" A wonderful concept album . . . a variety of sound and texture . . .  from lush orchestration to simple keyboard and violin." - David Ford Interview on Triad Arts Weekend NPR Station 88.5 WFDD ​

"Mystic Canticle's subtle brilliance emanates peace and healing, blessings and tranquility, encouragement to the listener that all is well with their soul."- Carole Perkins, NC freelance writer

E V E N T S​

June 10

Performing at Dunleath Porchfest  performance time TBD.

Mar 24

Played worship at  Ambassadors Cathedral's Intercession at 1500 Harriet Tubman Drive. Winston Salem.

Mar 18

Playing worship at the Vineyard at Holly Springs, NC.


Mar 4

Recording at Earthtone Studios.  More details to come. 

Moving Forward. Preparing for Change.

Yes, I know. I’m no “spring chicken”. For a matter of fact, when folks ask me how long I’ve been playing, I hesitate to answer. Surely by now I should have perfected my craft. Correct? Not exactly. Older musicians have the challenge
of maintaining their skills. But we also have the advantage of experience and the skillset to maneuver through various environments and situations. Hopefully we know how to connect with our audience, treat others well, take care of ourselves, protect our work. Older artists also have the ability to help others, especially those younger, to come into their own. We can advocate for others as well as ourselves. I have not mastered any of these concepts, but I am intentionally pursuing them. 


I’m also preparing for change . . . a big change. My 20+ year public school teaching career will be coming to a close over the next several months. I adore my students and my colleagues. I cannot imagine my life without them. But I know it’s coming time to let someone else step up and continue the work. I also know that I will continue to find ways to advocate for underserved children. 

For now, I feel like the trapeze artist who
is at that split second when she holds onto both bars. I'm talking split second.  And I'm praying for perfect timing to reach my goals. Until then, I'll seize the day. 

And lastly, after a very long break, I have plugged back into a church and loving it! I am at Gate City Vineyard and play there often.  You can also find me playing open mic at Oden Brewery on a Sunday evening. (Church? Bar? Yep, I figure He can show up anywhere!) 

                                                                                    - Marta

Jan 16

Recording at Salt Mine Studio with Britt Warren in Madison NC

Dec 21

Blue Christmas Service - A special gathering for those who are grieving. Gate City Vineyard 204 S. Westgate Drive Greensboro NC

Dec 4

Playing at Centre City Friends 10 AM

325 Hwy 62 Greensboro NC

Oct 14



Worship and Testimony with Gate Ciity Vineyard Church, Minesterio Aposotlic Avance Misionero (MAAM), and Iglesia Los Hechos. At Center City Park 200 North Elm Street, Greensboro. 5:30 PM

Featured in O.Henry Magazine's June issue as the "Gate City Muse of Music". 

Featured in Greensboro News and Record 's Meet A Musician. Interviewed by Robert C. Lopez.

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