Marta Richardson


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S  O F 
R I C H A R D S O N ' S  C D: 
M Y S T I C   C A N T I C L E  

E V E N T S​

"An album of substance and somber beauty . . . sweet and fierce, dark and bright, restful and adventurous. "

 - Alli Marshall, Mountain Express, Asheville NC


" A wonderful concept album . . . a variety of sound and texture . . .  from lush orchestration to simple keyboard and violin." - David Ford Interview on Triad Arts Weekend NPR Station 88.5 WFDD ​

"Mystic Canticle's subtle brilliance emanates peace and healing, blessings and tranquility, encouragement to the listener that all is well with their soul."- Carole Perkins, NC freelance writer

Co-producing and hosting The Creative Coop With The Winter Chickens  - a podcast about creativity. (Spring chickens are welcome, too!)  But Rory Paul and I are definitely "winter chickens" and I'm completely comfortable with that.

Recording and performing with Maker's Wine.  Most of the music used in our podcast is original music by Rory Paul and myself. 


Continued collaboration with Mariyah Sultan as she paints what she hears and I play what I see.  

I'm looking over my shoulder at 2020.  It would be a understatement to say it's been a difficult year.  No one  has come out unscathed in some manner because of Covid-19 - from babies carried inside wombs of anxious mothers to the elderly living in long-term care facilities -  we've all been affected.

And we are in need of social healing as well.  Politics have divided us to the point of near self-destruction.  Views on race, gender and religion have seemingly polarized us to the point where we have stopped listening to one another.


So here is my call to the artistic community: Find a way to bring healing to aching hearts and fearful mindsets.  As artists we can become facilitators within our communities to help each other hear the other with truth, love and sincerity.

Many of us are hurting financially from the loss of performing opportunities.  Creative dreams have been set aside  in order to cope with harsh challenges and realities, but we must find creative solutions, reinvent ourselves and remember our calling.  Whether it's music, drama, prose, poetry, art or dance - remain steadfast and don't  lose hope. Never lose hope.

                                                                                    - Marta

Featured in O.Henry Magazine's June issue as the "Gate City Muse of Music".